About Us

Dave’s Trailer Hire is a family owned and operated business that specialises in tandem car carriage.

We service the Western suburbs and all surrounding areas providing high quality car trailers for all forms of motorsports. Here at Dave’s we pride ourselves on our dedication to the highest quality which is why our equipment is designed and manufactured by people who use trailers because we know what makes a good trailer great! With years of experience you can rest assured knowing that our trailers are well maintained and easy to tow.

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Our Trailers

Well Balanced for an Easy Tow

Other trailers are often built with an asymmetrical weight distribution which makes for a rather front-heavy tow, our trailers on the other hand ensure a well balanced frame for a wide tray and an even smoother tow.

Low guard height

Unlike many of our competitors we’ve catered our tandem trailers to suit the needs of car enthusiasts just like us. Our trailers are specially designed with low guard height to suit all lowered cars and sports vehicles.

Well Maintained, Regularly Serviced and Thoroughly Inspected

All of our equipment is regularly serviced and maintained to ensure the safest and most secure towing. Our trailers are thoroughly inspected for damage and defaults after every hire and are adjusted and repaired on site before being sent out once again.

Designed and Fabricated for Motorsports

With beaver tail rears and 2m long ramps, our trailers are the perfect solution to your towing problems. Our tandem trailers are fabricated with low guard height to cater for the easiest loading and unloading of lowered vehicles and the ability to get in and out of the car once its loaded.

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Why choose us?

At Dave’s we believe that the best customer services is that which goes above and beyond, which is why our trailer hire goes beyond a basic exchange.

Along with our quality equipment we provide valuable advice on properly securing your car and helpful tips to simplify your towing experience. We also offer ratchet straps and tie downs to help you secure your load. While we specialise in trailer hire, our services are not limited to just that. Our technicians also offer the highest quality in trailer fabrication, repairs and modifications, and cater for made-to-order tandem car trailers.

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Call today for unbeatable prices!


  • Dimitri Onufreichuk
    When you choose Dave’s Trailer Hire you know you’re getting 5 star quality! I’ve used Dave’s equipment on countless occasions and never had a problem, and I’m certain I never will!
    Dimitri Onufreichuk
  • Max aulalo
    Aside from the obvious quality of his equipment, is Dave’s customer service. He’s so helpful and full of knowledge about safe and secure towing. I thought I’d never find a trailer for a lowered car like mine, but Dave came through for me.
    Max aulalo
  • Hayden Reeh
    Needed a tandem trailer on short notice and was saved by Dave! His trailers are so much better than the trailers you find at the service stations and at a fraction of the price! Would highly recommend Dave’s Trailer Hire to anyone looking for quality trailer equipment at a reasonable and affordable cost!
    Hayden Reeh
  • Mari Toffolon
    Dave offers the greatest trailers that are so easy to deal with. They take the stress out of lowered car towing and at such an affordable price. Would highly recommend his services.
    Mari Toffolon